2019 – Festival Regulations


The 2019 BESIDES THE SCREEN conference will host a festival for the exhibition, promotion, and discussion of audiovisual works that engage with the experimental exploration of sound, image, and information processing technologies for cinematographic creation.

The event is accepting the submission of short movies (up to 20min), video essays (up to 20min), and immersive/interactive works (videogames, VR experiences and narratives, 360-video).

BESIDES THE SCREEN will also host workshops, lectures and panels. Participation in all activities is completely free of charge.


The festival will take place during the Besides the Screen– Graphic Intelligences & Algorithmic Fictions conference, between 9-13 September, in the city of Vitória/Brazil.


The festival program is divided in three categories: short movies, video-essays and interactive works.

SHORT MOVIES: works that employ graphic processing, computational logic and/or machinic operation as means for cinematographic creation. This category is open to works such as computer generated animation (2D/3D); audio and data visualizations; visual music pieces; generative coding and demos; VJing/live cinema/live coding documentation; dramatic experiments with special effects, filters, shaders and algorithmic systems. Works in this category must be presented in digital video format up to 20min.

VIDEO ESSAYS: works that employ the manifold expressions of audiovisual media as a vehicle for thought and discursive articulation. This category is open to works connected to the filmic essay tradition as well as to its more recent reconfigurations within the academic and on-line video fields. Works in this category must be presented in digital video format up to 20min.

INTERACTIVE WORKS: Audiovisual works that respond to the presence and activity of the audience in any meaningful way. This category is open to VR games and experiences, 360º videos, indie and ‘auteur’ videogames, and other works that employ interactive and immersion devices for the purpose of storytelling and provoking sensorial experiences. Works for this category must be PC-Windows compatible and able to run offline. An average duration of 10min is recommended.


Submissions are open until 24 June at 23h59 (Brasília time zone).

Submissions for the categories SHORT MOVIES and VIDEO ESSAYS must be done at the festival’s Filmfreeway page. Submissions must include a link for the complete preview of the work available in streaming platforms. Password for access must be provided, if necessary.

Submissions for the category INTERACTIVE WORKS must be done through the form available at the festival’s home page. The work installation or executable files must be available for the evaluation of the selection committee.

The party responsible for the submission of the work must hold all the necessary rights to authorize its nonprofit, public exhibition at the festival, and exempts the organization of the event of the payment of copyright or screening fees, as well as of any legal responsibility.

The organization of the event cannot guarantee the evaluation of works that do not comply with the guidelines here described, or whose preview/files cannot be accessed within time.

Authors of the selected works will be contacted by 22 July.


Authors of the selected works must provide the organization of the event with promotional materials (full credits list and high resolution pictures) as well as an audio transcription of the piece (if necessary) up to five days after being notified.

Final exhibition files must be sent to the organization of the festival by the means of online file transfer (using systems like WeTransfer/Dropbox) by 9 August.


The authors give the BESIDES THE SCREEN festival the rights to freely exhibit excerpts of the selected works for the purposes of event promotion, in any medium, at any time, for any number of times, by themselves or connected third parties, without the requirement of any payment or compensation.

The invitation of authors of the selected works to be present at the event will be conditioned by the available budget.

Submission of any work implies full acceptance of these regulations. Unforeseen cases will be analyzed individually by the event’s organizing committee, whose final decision is sovereign.