2021 Ningbo Schedule (Face to Face)

Besides the Screen: Geographies, Spaces, and Places Outside the Screen 
University of Nottingham Ningbo China (UNNC)
June 10-12, 2021 


As a conclusion to the (slightly delayed) Besides the Screen 10th Anniversary programme of events, the 2021 conference builds upon the network’s previous work examining the continuing transformations of audiovisual practice,to investigate the reconfigurations of screen industries, cultures, spaces and places through examining sites of production, infrastructures of circulation, film festivals, film tourism, and city branding. In short, the way place/space intersects with the multiple sites of production, circulation, promotion and consumption surrounding screen (incl. Film/TV, games, interactive arts) industries and cultures. The conference will explore the more established scholarship related to these topics (film festivals, city branding, transnational co-production, film/TV tourism) as well as expanding the conversation to represent the newly established or emerging topics (e-sports, virtual concerts).  

The conference will be a hybrid (physical/virtual) event hosted by the School of International Communications at the University of Nottingham Ningbo China (CN), in partnership with King’s College, London (UK) and Queen’s University (CA).  

The conference is generously sponsored by the University of Nottingham Ningbo China (UNNC) Conference Hosting Support Scheme.  

Thursday 10th June 2021

Presentations will be held in the Sir David & Lady Susan Greenaway Building, room no. 121 (also called IAMET), UNNC campus.

Welcome to BtS 2021 NingboCorey Schultz
09:30 – 10:30 N1 – Place, Storytelling & Communication

Chair: TBC
Stephen Andriano-Moore and Nancy LiuNingbo, China: City Branding and Promotional Videos

Xin PeiReshaping Co-existence of Tradition and Modernity: Polymedia in Gender Identity Negotiation of Dagongmei 
Andrew WorthamParodying Rhetorics of Online Dating Apps and Pragmatics of HIV Testing for MSMs in Yunnan
Garrabost Jayalakshmi and Dr. Adam BrillhartChanging Chinese Rural Habitats: A Filmic exploration
11:00 – 12:30N2 – Place, Tourism, & Industry

Chair: TBC
Zhen Troy Chen and Melissa Shani BrownVirtual heterotopias: Creating and contesting identities through the remediation of content tourism on the mobile screens of Bilibili [online]
Jinuo DiaoThe Filming Locations Tourism: Filming Base Tourism in China [online]
Yu MingChanging Ecosystem of Documentary Industry
14:00 – 15:30N3 – Place & Film Festivals

Chair: TBC
Rui Yao and Qingqing HuangBetween Mainstream and Independence: A Case Study on The One (Shan Yi) International Women’s Film Festival
Panjia ZhouChinese Film Festivals and the Circuit of Film Festivals In China: The case of the Ningbo Short Film Festivals
Gus Sifang AnPlaces and Themes that Create Discursive Spaces of Chinese-ness: The Politics of Sites of Production and Film Themes in Shanghai International Film Festival (SIFF) BRI Film Week
16:00 – 17:30N4 – Screening: Ningbo Short Film FestivalKent CaiCurrent Situation and Vision of Chinese Short Films and Short Film Festivals 

+ screening of Untouchable (Pi Chengdong, 2020)