2015 – Coventry, Plenary – Ramon Lobato

Plenary lecture with Ramon Lobato (Swinburne University of Technology) 10/04, 16h15, DMLL Seminar Room One of the challenges involved in thinking seriously about piracy is the wide range of activities, engagements and transactions that fall under this banner. From communitarian filesharing to copyright-infringing political communication to commercial bootlegging, piracy comes in many shapes, sizes and […]

2015 – Coventry, Panel 1

10/04, 10h, DMLL Seminar Room The Pirate Cinema Nicolas Maigret The hidden activity and geography of real-time peer-to-peer file sharing via BitTorrent is revealed in The Pirate Cinema an online piece by Nicolas Maigret. In this monitoring room, omnipresent telecommunications surveillance gains a global face, as the program plunders the core of restless activity online, […]

2015 – Coventry, Panel 2

10/04, 12h15, DMLL Seminar Room Torrentocracy: Archival chivalry and piratical honourability Jonas Andersson Schwarz Using my own empirical research on file sharing communities and everyday file sharer justification, I explore a range of sociological observations, reflecting the human tendency to form social clusters and draw up normative boundaries. Taking the phenomenon of private BitTorrent trackers […]