2015 – CFP


We are looking for papers and projects to be presented and developed at the next Besides the Screen conference, to be held in November 2015 in the cities of Vitória (23-25) and São Paulo (26-28), Brazil.

Besides the Screen is an international research network that aims to reconfigure the field of screen studies by refocusing it on the objects, processes and practices that exist besides the screen. In its second Brazilian edition, the conference will be tackling the creative and discursive dimensions of curatorial practices in audiovisual systems, in an attempt to understand how the processes of movie selection and exhibition are able to organize media circuits and affect their configuration.

Confirmed speakers include Thomas Elsaesser (University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands), Jane Giles (British Film Institute, UK), Sarah Cook (University of Dundee, Scotland), Virginia Crisp (Coventry University, UK), Lucas Bambozzi (Labmóvel / FAAP, Brazil), Thereza Farkas (Associação Cultural Videobrasil, Brazil), Roberto Cruz (Duplo Galeria / FEBASP, Brazil).

It is possible to participate with papers, workshops, performances and artworks that address topics such as:

– Online and offline platforms for the exhibition and circulation of audiovisual media
– Movie theatres and projection spaces
– Festivals on film, video and new image trends (live cinema, videogames, etc)
– Alternative spaces and means of production, selection and diffusion
– Heritage and historiography of audiovisual media
– Audiovisual in the gallery space
– Audiovisual circuits (awards, funding schemes, independent spaces, etc)
– Image territorialization
– Media archeology and exhibition design
– Preservation and exhibition of hyperephemeral media formats (Snapchat, Vine, etc)
– Relationships between cinema, art and technology from a curatorial perspective

Participation is free, but attendance is limited. To participate of the selection process, send an abstract of your proposal (~300 words) and a short biographical note (~150 words) to the email besidesthescreen@gmail.com, indicating in the subject SUBMISSION: BESIDES THE SCREEN 2015. The deadline is 10 August 2015.

The Besides the Screen network is supported by the British Arts & Humanities Research Council.