2018 – Porto – Travel and Directions


The conference Besides the Screen 2018 Porto will take place at the campus of ISMAI, in the city of Maia, situated in the metropolitan area of Porto.  Connections between the centre of the city of Porto and Maia are excellent.

From the airport or train station to Porto city centre


From the airport, you can arrive at the center of Porto by taxi, it will take about 20 minutes and costs around 25€. You can also choose to travel by metro, at the airport there is only one line (line E – lilac colour) on one direction: towards the center of Porto. It will take around 45 minutes to the city center and the fee is 2€.The central station is Trindade.

In case you travel directly from the airport to ISMAI, take the metro and change at Senhora da Hora to the line ISMAI (line C – green colour)


In case you are traveling by train, your final destination will be Campanhã or São Bento. Both stations are connected to a metro station. From Campanhã, take the metro towards ISMAI. From São Bento, take the metro to Trindade and change to the ISMAI line.

From Porto city centre to ISMAI by metro

ISMAI is the final destination of the metro line (the name announced on the panels). The line can be also identified by the letter “C” and the colour green.

Locate the closest metro stop to the place where you are staying.  If you are in the center of Porto, it may be 24 de Agosto, Bolhão or Trindade. You can take the metro directly from one of these stations. If the closest metro stop is the yellow line, take the metro to Trindade and change there to the ISMAI line.

METRO WEBSITE: https://www.metrodoporto.pt




Avenida Carlos de Oliveira Campos – Castêlo da Maia / 4475-690 Maia

229 866 000



R. de Passos Manuel 178, 4º Piso, 4000-382 PORTO

937 202 918