Topology of Córrego do Urubu: Projections, Trees and Lampposts (Maurício Chades, 2020)

The Pirâmide, Urubu exhibition premiered on June 16, 2019, with the Collective-Abduction-Bathing-in-Full-Moon performance, inviting the audience to a night walking tour to Córrego do Urubu waterfall to bathe in projection and smoke.

A second night tour took place on July 21, this time towards the highest and driest side of the region — Pedra dos Amigos ecological trail —, a lookout point from where you can see the entire city of Brasilia. On the way, we found centuries-old trees, darkness, dust and projections. At the final destination, JUCA-LIVE Live Cinema performance premiered.

Finally, the exhibition landed on the glass domes of the Digital TV Tower between July 29 and August 25, inviting everyone to a topological-fictional re-creation of Urubu and the experience of walking in the dark.

Pyramid, Urubu was the first solo exhibition by Maurício Chades and curated by Gabriel Menotti.

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