2015 – Coventry, CFP

We are looking for ongoing research projects to participate in a workshop associated with the AHRC funded Besides the Screen symposium PIRACY IN THEORY & PRACTICE, to be held at Coventry University, UK, on 9-10 April 2015. The workshop will be on Thursday 9th April, during the first day of the main event.

Departing from the relation of movie piracy with the economy and politics of content distribution, the symposium means to discuss the dynamics of authority embedded in contemporary systems of communication and explore how informal media practices might intervene with the development of new technologies, frame film curating, foster or inhibit particular scholarships, and even raise questions about the ontology of the moving image.

Confirmed speakers at the symposium include Ramon Lobato (Swinburne/Australia), HD Mabuse (CESAR/Brazil), Gabriel Menotti (UFES/Brazil), Pedro Mizukami (FGV/Brazil), Gary Hall (Coventry/UK) and Virginia Crisp (Coventry/UK).

We welcome proposals from a wide range of topics within this universe, and encourage the participation of PhD candidates and early career researchers. Participation in the workshop is free of charge (as is attendance at the symposium), but all participants must cover their own transportation and accommodation costs.

To submit a proposal, send a text file (doc, docx, rtf) containing a short abstract about your research (~250 words) and bio (~150 words) to the email besidesthescreen@gmail.com with the subject PROPOSAL – PIRACY IN THEORY AND PRACTICE.

The deadline is 2nd Feb 2015. Selected participants will be notified by 9th Feb 2015.

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